Local Spotlight: Cook Museum of Natural Science

Cook Museum of Natural Science

The world can be wacky. And quite wonderful. Witness all sides of this wild world we live in at the Cook Museum of Natural Science, Decatur’s own exotic experience! It’s an educational experience everyone can enjoy.

An Educational Experience

Based in downtown Decatur, the Cook Museum of Natural Science boasts an exciting experience that educates as well as entertains. Families of all shapes and sizes will find something to discover inside the museum’s walls.

Arrays of biomes are on display at the Cook Museum of Natural Science. From the ocean’s depths to the starlight of space, the museum has a showcase for it. Look in wonder at coral reef wildlife in the aquarium or amble through the forest, climbing trees and examining Curiosity Cabin.

At the Cook Museum of Natural Science, you can learn about the frozen tundra of the arctic and the arid air of the desert. Plus, you’ll find out how animals who call these places home survive and thrive. Venture through the exhibits, and get a taste of what each natural habitat entails—from wildlife to weather conditions. Experiment—and learn—in a hands-on atmosphere!

Cook’s Roots

The Cook Museum of Natural Science comes from modest beginnings. The brainchild of John Cook Sr., the museum began as a small collection of insects used originally by employees of Cook’s Pest Control. In 1968, John Cook Sr. expanded his collection to the public. Before long, Cook’s museum made further headway in wildlife—and went on wheels. Malls around the South welcomed Cook’s museum.

In 1980, Cook’s museum grew in collection and construction. Cook’s Natural Science Museum was born, boasting a host of wildlife and a new 5,000 square-foot building. The museum entered a brief hiatus in 2016, but was reopened as the Cook Museum of Natural Science in 2019.


Exploration excites us all. Dare to discover more at the Cook Museum of Natural Science. It’s what helps make Decatur the prime destination.

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