In the News: New Murals in Decatur

New murals in Decatur

“Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness,” John Lubbock once said, adding that, “As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life.” The new murals in Decatur, Alabama completely capture the same philosophy! After all, there’s nothing that brightens our day more than the sight of something new and beautiful.

The Chasing Art project in Decatur is planning to add memorable murals to the walls and buildings throughout our city. Next time you walk around town, keep an eye out for some of the lovely creations that await you.

More on the Chasing Art Project

The new murals in Decatur come courtesy of a local organization: the Chasing Art Project. Led by Glenn Mitchell, Chasing Art plans to do a total of 30 different murals across our city, using different artists to display a wide array of styles. They even have one mural up already!

If you’re excited to see more, you don’t have to wait much longer. The next mural is scheduled for creation in September—so look out for it as you’re walking and driving around Decatur.

Need a hint about what you’ll be searching for soon? The main motif will be angel wings!

More on the First Chasing Art Mural

You can find the very first mural from the Chasing Art project on Sixth Avenue in Decatur. It’s the work of Michael McPheeters, who hails from Dallas. His piece commemorates and memorializes a famous local activist, Jimmy “Yellow Horse” Webster, with eye-popping colors, a horse, and geometric shapes.


Many of us may be spending more time in our homes than usual, but our community remains strong. After all, art brings us all together, giving us something to appreciate, think about, and even create. As the year progresses, we have 29 more new murals in Decatur on the docket. We wonder what other images will appear throughout the city.

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