In the News: Whataburger in Decatur

Whataburger in Decatur

If you’ve never been to Whataburger, that could change—and soon. A new announcement has revealed plans to build a Whatburger in Decatur, AL. Excited? Hungry? The wait is only a little bit longer. You can put getting a Whataburger burger and fries on your schedule for spring 2021!

More on Whataburger

Whataburger is a quintessential Texas burger chain. In fact, the state has welcomed a whopping 693 locations since the first restaurant’s grand opening in 1950 in Corpus Christi. Over the years, Whataburger has also expanded into other states, like New Mexico, Florida, and yes, Alabama. 

More on the Whataburger in Decatur

The new Whataburger in Decatur, AL will be the 18th one serving up food in our state. Right now, they’ve started searching for new employees—140 of them! So, not only will the restaurant offer delicious food, but they’ll also deliver a boost to our local economy too.

What can I order at Whataburger?

Are you one of the smart people who loves to look up the menu before you visit a restaurant, so you can plan what you order? It’s the ultimate way to go! If you’re already dreaming of what you’ll eat, we’ll help you make up your mind. Some of the tasty options you can choose at the upcoming Whataburger include:

  • Mushroom Swiss burgers;
  • Cinnamon rolls;
  • French fries;
  • Onion rings;
  • Pancake platters;
  • Patty melts;
  • Whatacatch fish sandwiches;
  • Honey butter chicken biscuits;
  • Shakes and malts in flavors like Dr. Pepper, strawberry, and chocolate;
  • Honey BBQ chicken sandwiches;
  • Hot lemon pies and hot apple pies;
  • Chicken fajita tacos;
  • And more.

When will the new Whataburger open?

As of now, there is no exact opening date. However, the restaurant aims to start serving burgers in the spring of 2021. 

Where will the new Whataburger be located?

You may have already driven past the new Whataburger! When it comes time to make your order, you can visit 1621 Beltline Road SW.


Burgers. Fajita tacos. Dr. Pepper shakes. Those offerings are just a fraction of the mouthwatering options waiting for you on the Whataburger menu. We only have a few months left until the new Whatburger in Decatur, AL opens its doors. Until then, at least we can perfectly plan our very first order!

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