In the News: Polyplex USA Expansion in Decatur

Polyplex USA expansion in Decatur

Get ready to unwrap big news! The Polyplex USA expansion in Decatur is set to begin the first half of this year with plans to invest more than $90.6 million for the massive project.

What is Polyplex?

You probably come in contact with the finished product more than you realize. Polyplex is the world’s fifth largest company producing a variety of polyester (PET) film globally. Production includes thin and thick PET film, which are utilized in a wide-range of applications.

For example, the Polyplex USA expansion in Decatur includes creating a second production line for one of the thinner film varieties known as Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate (BOPET). This is used for everything from food wrappers to electrical cord coverings. Think the wrapper around sliced cheese, stickers, labels, cable covers and so much more.

In addition, the Decatur plant will invest in the ability to create a matching amount of captive resin.

What does it mean for Decatur?

According to a recent article published by Made in Alabama, once the Polyplex USA expansion in Decatur is complete, two things happen. First, 100 jobs will be created. Second, the Decatur facility will have the largest volume BOPET film line in the world.

With construction on the expansion just starting at the facility, the projected timeline for production isn’t expected to begin until the end of 2022. It will answer the growing demand for a local supply in regional markets.

Where is the plant?

Polyplex USA Decatur is one of 19 Polyplex companies in our country. It is located at 3001 Mallard Fox Dr. NW in Decatur.

Polyplex operates factories in India, where it was founded in 1984, as well as Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas.


Opportunity in Decatur continues to grow with job creation from projects like this. From the construction to the finished production line, work is available. So, now that the job search is narrowed down, how about the apartment search?

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