In the News: Redevelopment of the Historic McEntire House

redevelopment of the historic McEntire House

It’s a local real estate Cinderella story. From an antebellum home to a boutique hotel, the redevelopment of the historic McEntire House in Decatur will revive this beautiful Greek Revival mansion!

Future plans for the McEntire House

One of the city’s favorite landmarks will soon be much more than a private residence. The McEntire House was recently purchased by Decatur native Libby Sims Patrick, CEO of Sims Patrick Studio out of Atlanta.

The interior design firm focuses on creating luxury boutique hotels focused on hospitality. In the end, this is exactly what the redevelopment of the historic McEntire House will leave behind.

Plans for the redevelopment of the historic McEntire House include several key features. For starters, the home will remain untouched. It will eventually serve as the lobby and welcoming center for tourists and guests as well as a museum.

The property behind the house will be developed to include a 4,500-square-foot spa and wellness center as well as up to 58 rooms. There will also be a restaurant, event space, rooftop bar and lounge and a café.

The McEntire House

Built in the 1820s, the mansion in one of the city’s oldest structures. In fact, the McEntire House is one of four buildings in Decatur that survived the burning of the city during the Civil War.

At varying points in the war, the McEntire House was used as headquarters by both the Confederate and Union armies.

While no specific timeline has been given as to when the project will begin, the tentative completion date is expected in 2024.


Situated along the banks of the Tennessee River, the McEntire House is located at 1105 Sycamore St.


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