In the News: United Launch Alliance Expansion in Decatur

United Launch Alliance Expansion in Decatur

More rockets are making their way to Decatur! Coming with a new contract with Amazon, a United Launch Alliance expansion in Decatur has been announced.

About the United Launch Alliance

Inspired by possibilities and driven to broaden horizons, the mission of the United Launch Alliance, or ULA, is to save lives, explore the universe, and connect the world. ULA is an American spacecraft launch service provider that manufactures and operates a number of rocket vehicles capable of launching spacecrafts into orbit around the Earth and other bodies in the solar system.

With more than 100 years of launch history with the Atlas and Delta rockets, ULA continues to achieve acclaimed results with the new Vulcan rocket. ULA says it is committed to providing unparalleled confidence through more dependable, cost-effective launch services for the government and commercial customers.

The main program management, engineering, test, and mission support functions are headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Manufacturing, assembly, and integration operations are located in Decatur, Alabama, and Harlingen, Texas. Launch operations are in Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida, and Vandenberg Space Force Base, California.

United Launch Alliance employs approximately 2,700 employees.

New Expansion in Decatur

In August, United Launch Alliance announced a $300 million expansion project at its rocket manufacturer in Decatur. According to WAAY 31 News, this new 500,000-square-foot expansion comes after its agreement with to utilize ULA’s Vulcan for 38 upcoming launches in a global broadband mobilization.

The first launch of the 38 is set to take place in 2024.

John Elbon, ULA chief operating officer, stated that Amazon’s order was the largest order the rocket manufacturer has ever received. He also stated that this new United Launch Alliance expansion in Decatur would create an estimated 250 jobs!

According to reports, ULA’s expansion will also enable the company to double its launch rate. With an unblemished mission success rate, this new project has space taking over like crazy.

A partner of ULA, Beyond Gravity, will also expand its operations to the Decatur facility. WAAY 31 News reported that the United Launch Alliance plans to construct additional warehouses on site in order to store rocket parts.

With that being said, the United Launch Alliance expansion in Decatur is set to be completed by April 2026.


Decatur is the place to be! Along with the United Launch Alliance expansion in Decatur, there are many other things thriving in our growing town.

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