Coming Up: Enchanted Forest of Decatur 2022

Enchanted Forest of Decatur 2022

Don’t miss a Decatur holiday tradition! When you step inside, the lights won’t be the only thing leaving you in awe. This season, make plans to visit the dazzling Enchanted Forest of Decatur 2022 starting Dec. 5th.

Enchanted Forest of Decatur 2022

The Enchanted Forest of Decatur is a public display of live trees decorated by sponsors and members of the community. And for the first time, the event has partnered with Decatur Parks and Recreation to supply power to all of the trees! Sponsors will now be able to use the glow of lights to help bring their trees to life and light up the forest.

Each tree will show recognition for the sponsors and members who decorated it. All proceeds from the sale of the trees will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to assist in more research for a cure and to raise additional awareness for these diseases. The donations will be made on behalf of Team 4D, a local Leukemia & Lymphoma Society team participating in the Light the Night campaign.


You can visit the Enchanted Forest of Decatur 2022 starting on December 5th until January 1st.

Are you are planning to attend the Decatur Christmas Parade on December 5th? Make sure you take a stroll through the forest after to admire the beauty of all the trees.


These six- to seven-foot-tall trees will be on display at the Daikin Amphitheater at Founders Park.

Make sure you plan your visit to see the gleaming trees for a cause at the Enchanted Forest of Decatur 2022.


What better way to start the holiday season than by admiring the beauty of the decorations and celebrating the wonderful people in your community? We are looking forward to seeing the Enchanted Forest of Decatur 2022 come to life in a few days.

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