Now Open: El Palomino Mexican Buffet

El Palomino Mexican Buffet

It’s official! The El Palomino Mexican Buffet is now a mainstay at Taqueria El Palomino in Decatur. Embrace Taco Tuesday any day of the week and pile your plate with authentic Mexican food from a local favorite!

About El Palomino Mexican Buffet

Family-owned and operated in Decatur since 2007, El Palomino has now expanded its offerings to include a fully loaded takeout buffet.

Asking yourself what that entails? Basically, pay $14.99 for an “all you can fit” plate. According to their Facebook page, one plate can hold up to two-and-a-half pounds of food.

Furthermore, no two buffets will be the exact same. So, you can visit the El Palomino Mexican Buffet seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and have something different every day!

One day, for example, there could be steaming trays of pulled chicken, Mexican BBQ and pork ribs. The next day could feature tamales, fried chicken tacos, chorizo and potatoes. Another day could have it all.

Plus, there are tons of warm flour tortillas perfect for building your own authentic Mexican tacos with rice, beans and more.

More about El Palomino

Not only is there a new Mexican buffet at the well-loved El Palomino restaurant, there is also an El Palomino mobile food truck. That’s right! Your favorite local Mexican cuisine will occasionally hit the road and bring their delectable fare closer to you.


Hungry for Mexican? You can find the El Palomino Mexican Buffet at 1416 6th Ave. Southeast in Decatur. That’s about a 10-minute drive or less from Summer Lodge Apartment Homes!

Don’t forget to find El Palomino on Facebook for images of tempting tamales, crispy chicharrón and tasty taco platters—just to name a few. They also share other news, such as where the food truck is headed.


Fill your to-go plate with all your favorites from El Palomino Mexican Buffet and head back to Summer Lodge to dine in your kitchen. Not a resident? Not a problem! Contact us to ask about upcoming availability. For more community news and happenings, dig into our blogs!