Point Mallard Park

Local Spotlight: Point Mallard Park

The thrill of sliding feet-first into a pool of cool, refreshing water. The sun’s warmth on the back of your neck as you wind through the backwoods, pedaling faster and faster. The resounding “smack” that thunders from a forceful bat swing. Moments like these are some that can stay with you for a long time, Read more about Local Spotlight: Point Mallard Park[…]

Summer Lodge Apartment Homes

Welcome to the Summer Lodge Apartment Homes Blog

There’s no place like home. There’s also no truer statement than that! At Summer Lodge Apartment Homes, we are not just intent on providing our residents places to live, but places that they can call “home.” In an effort to better connect with our current and future residents, we are happy to introduce you to Read more about Welcome to the Summer Lodge Apartment Homes Blog[…]